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I was on vacation last year in Fuengirola, I went with my wife and three friends, was the plan, go to Malaga for a little sightseeing, but had suffered Spanish holiday TUM.. and I was on the moor all night....... my ass was like a Japanese flag. any case, I stopped and left the car (which is easier to Malaga by train ) I'm on a ride in the car a bit of fresh air for me, the world of good would be to the left. went to Cabopino up parked in the parking lot and went for a walk in the dunes - my Spanish is not the best, but the signs said, the beach was naked.... Not many people only men.... currency fell and then I remembered reading that this was a meeting place for gay men. I was curious, and I watched the men disappear into the trees / shrubs I went to look and there was a boy on his knees sucking two men at once, for some reason my tail twitching, I left. I walked away from the action and saw a man, by the tres I approached him, and he grabbed his cock through slutload his pants and looked at me, I was curious, and he had his erect penis in his hand hard...... I do not know why, but I approached him, he spoke only Spanish, reached out to touch my penis. I left feeling that opened my pants and my dick out, slutload he was constantly speaking in Spanish slutload - I put her back next to the tree, then dropped to his knees and slutload began to suck the back of my throat and rubbed the bag of balls at the same time. I started putting my dick in her mouth and Spanish mummblings loved it, and if I have to be honost was good in his head. took my cock from her mouth, then licked my barking - the shaft and suck my balls - slutload what he did while I was masturbating gently. This slutload should be your respite he needed then returned to sucking his duties and was not disappointed me - I could feel my tongue on to his bark, he was good, I tookmy dick in that mouth, and started for the mouth and face with my cock loves to beat. I started masturbating near my dick in my mouth - my Spanish cock sucker opened his mouth and moved his mouth close to my tail. I was fingering like crazy - then I felt the sting in my tail that my first spurt of cum hit her on the cheek, lips, and then the rest met their goal.... in the mouth. S forced my cock deep into the mouth / throat, my balls were drained when my head was spinning my cock lost errection then slid his mouth - he smiled and opened my mouth my cum then tilts his head back and swallowed the lot........ what a fucking Trouper. What experiance....... in difficult now that I think I left and when my wife and friends were returning from Malaga, he wondered slutload what I said with a smile on my face......... having fun and mixing with locals mmmmmmmmmmm
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